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September 11, 2017


This past June, students in the Global Business Management program launched the Humber GBM Student Association. According to the GBM Association website, their mission is to “offer support and guidance to all Global Business Management students in transition from school to the Canadian labour market.”

Since the Association's launch, the management and executive teams have been busy organizing networking events, student and alumni meet-and-greets and workshops, as well as posting bi-weekly profiles of GBM alumni on the blog and composing and distributing monthly email newsletters.

To date, their biggest event was the Humber GBMSA Networking Event on July 18th, which was also the official launch of the GBM Student Association. The event was a huge success, as over 100 students, alumni and industry professionals attended. Current GBM students had the chance to interact with GBM alumni and listen to them speak about their work experiences during panel discussions. 

It’s wonderful to see students take initiative, help their peers, network and launch new ventures like the GBM Student Association. It’s exactly the type of values and skills we teach at The Business School - this mindset and work ethic is essential for future success.

Congratulations to all those involved in the GBM Student Association. Keep up the great work, and we can’t wait to see what events and initiatives the GBM Student Association launches next.

If you would like to connect with the GBM Student Association, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

GBM Networking Event

Students at GBM Networking Event

GBM Audience

GBM Student Association

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