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On Wednesday, May 10th, the Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses (FCBB) held a networking event and awarded the Business School with the 2017 FCBB Award of Excellence for incubating, supporting and sponsoring the organization. 

The event began with welcoming and speeches from Sergio Frais, President and CEO of the FCBB, Dr. Youssef Youssef, Vice-Chair of the FCBB and Dr. Chris Whitaker, President and CEO of Humber College. Later on, Mr. Ademar Seabra Da Cruz Júnior, the Toronto Brazilian Acting-Consulate General, spoke to those at the event, and Zeina Latif, a Brazilian economist and columnist, gave her keynote speech, “Brazilian Economy Today and Going Forward.”      

"FCBB and Humber College promoted yesterday a magnificent gala event that congregated representatives from the main segments of the innovation systems of Brazil and Canada, namely businesses, government and academia. FCBB’s focus on SMEs is the right approach to expanding the business environment between the two countries," said Mr. Ademar Seabra Da Cruz Júnior about the event. 

The FCBB is a not-for-profit organization whose primary objective is to proactively foster stronger business relations between Canada and Brazil. This is done by promoting and facilitating business opportunities between Canadian and Brazilian companies and individuals.

"Humber's relationship to the FCBB is highly important to us. As a leading Canadian polytechnic educational institution, Humber shares the FCBB's mission and vision of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in SMEs so they can help the local economy and succeed in a very competitive global marketplace," said Dr. Chris Whitaker.  

The FCBB also introduced Humber’s Executive Board Members to Canadian and Brazilian influencers and related businesses during the event. Overall, the event was a great success and provided an excellent networking opportunity for Canadian and Brazilian entrepreneurs and Brazilian Students at Humber.

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