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June 17, 2019 

This summer 25 Fashion Arts and Business diploma students are completing their Field Placements abroad in Florence in partnership with FUA (Florence University of the Arts). The fashion business students are managing a boutique in the heart of Florence, FLY – Fashion Loves You. The experiential learning includes daily store analysis of competing boutiques, creating trend boards, visual merchandising, coordinating photoshoots, trend reports, social media management of the boutique, promoting emerging designers and consignment sales, event planning, customer service, and interdisciplinary learning with Blending magazine. The students are collaborating with FUA’s Blending magazine to create international content for Infuse Humber magazine. This fall the students will hold a showcase event with their Program Coordinator Jennifer Dawson to share their personal experiences and reflections on this exciting pilot project. We look forward to welcoming the Faculty of Business to attend and learn more about international projects and placements for our students. A very special thank you to Alvina Cassiani, Jennifer Lee Wilson, and Kathleen Meagher for their support.

“The highlight of my internship has been the application of my acquired knowledge from first year and also being able to learn new skills in fashion and retail such as visual merchandising and editorials. Simply being in the retail space has given me the knowledge that would be useful coming into second year. I also had the opportunity to work with others on larger projects such as managing social media accounts which was great because I learned how to cooperate with people who have different perspectives.”
Ruth Ambrocio

"My time working at FLY was an experience that allowed me to have an international outlook on the fashion retail industry, alongside meeting and working with some amazing people."
Dara Cameron-Cole

The highlight of my placement during my time at FLY (Fashion Loves You) was the hands-on experience. We were able to remerchandise the store several times, manage the social media and also work with others that we have never met before and adapt to working with them daily. The hands-on experience helped me personally learn a lot about myself but also about how to work with others and in the meantime. The time I spent here motivated me and inspired me to do everything I can to succeed when I arrive back in Toronto and step out of my comfort zone doing things I was hesitant to do or express. I am truly grateful to have been a part of this program and also to have been accepted out of everyone who had applied.”
- Lucas Fernandes

“My experience at FLY pushed me out of my comfort zone, which helped me create and learn new things I wouldn’t have thought I could do here in Toronto. The teachers are so helpful and encouraging, and there was never a time where I was bored or tired of my work. Florence is an amazing place to study, and I met many wonderful new people that I will not forget who helped shape my learning experience for the better. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to travel and learn about fashion retail and management. It helped me see fashion and business in through a new culture and gain a new perspective on local craftsmanship and design. I will never forget the experience and now I have a new place where I know I am always welcome.”
- Lily MacLeod

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