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June 29, 2017


Students in the Fashion Management degree program completed their capstone course this past spring. The course was a major undertaking for the students, as they had to apply the knowledge, skills and experience they acquired throughout their years of study.

The objective of the 15-week course was to plan and design a start-up retail enterprise. Throughout the course, eight student groups had to create an original concept, focus on the customer experience and market the business. In fact, three groups substantially altered their business concepts within the first two weeks of the course. Everyone learned that adaptability and problem-solving are essential skills to have when planning a business venture.

Throughout the process, most students had to balance other courses, a full-time work schedule and personal commitments. It was an intense challenge, but it was an excellent lesson in time management and balancing priorities.

Thanks to Mark Stoiko, a Professor at The Business School, for teaching this class and offering students guidance and advice throughout the course. And thank you to the Fashion Management students in the capstone course for their hard work, creativity and dedication towards their business ventures.

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