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Creative Team

Concept Development: Evan Green & Arianna Gajadhar

Fashion Photographers: Shawn Sosa & Zoran Dragojevic

Make-Up Stylist: Aihzra Zelaya

Make-Up/Hair/Wardrobe: Sebastian Blagdon

Models: Izi Miller & Sebastian Blagdon

Students from all three of the fashion programs, as well as photography and cosmetics students, were engaged with the latest window installation at The Fashion Institute. The Steampunk concept was developed by a talented group of students who won the Network Night concept competition. Network Nights was designed to encourage fashion, cosmetic and photography students to connect, collaborate, create and compete for financial support to fund their photo shoot concepts. Evan Green, the display's Art Director and a Fashion Arts and Business student, led his team to victory.

The Fashion Institute proved to be a challenging space to work within, due to its enormous size. The window space demanded large props and imagery in order to fill it up. The students used stock images of cogs and gears on foam core to create the realistic, steampunk effect, without any safety hazards.

This window display is specifically special, since it is the first time that everything generated in the display was completely student-made. Sebastian Blagdon is currently a Fashion Management Degree student at the lakeshore campus, and graduated from our Fashion Arts Diploma program. He was our make-up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist and model! Photography students, Shawn Sosa and Zoran Dragojevic, photographed the two models that were included in the display. Aihzra Zelaya, a Cosmetic Management student, was make-up artist for Izi Miller.

Congratulations to all those involved in this beautiful display!

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