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April 9, 2018 

The Business School awarded Suzanne Ross and Jeff Short The 2016-17 Distinguished Faculty Award at The Business School awards ceremony that took place on February 21st, 2018.

Suzanne Ross is an outstanding mentor, professor, and colleague. She is motivated by genuine interest in student learning and has found ways to be creative with the subject material. Her approach is to encourage and engage students to become collaborative learners. By using innovative activities in her classroom, the students not only become more engaged with the material but also learn essential skills, such as critical thinking and communications. Outside of the classroom, Suzanne is also generous with her time, making herself available to all the students. Suzanne has dedicated numerous hours to coaching Humber marketing students who participated in the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (OCMC). She is a mentor and advisor for the future entrepreneurs and works closely with the Center for Entrepreneurship, as well as the University of Guelph-Humber Student Entrepreneurial Society. Her extracurricular involvement also includes working with DECA Ontario, an organization that develops young leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing. Suzanne is deeply committed to working not only with her students but also her colleagues. She has participated in developing online courses and continues to support and collaborate with the part-time Professors who teach these courses. This commitment is evident when both new and experienced Professors seek her opinion.

Over the years, Jeff Short has demonstrated leadership in developing an effective learning environment for students both in and outside of the classroom. Jeff is also extremely passionate in his efforts to create an interactive and stimulating approach to educating business students. In 2015 Jeff took himself outside of the classroom to take on a different challenge and became the program coordinator for the Business Management program. Jeff has taken on this role with gusto and has greatly contributed to the improvement of the program. Some of Jeff’s initiatives include the development of BMGT 399 Social Entrepreneurship; a course designed for students with a desire to make a positive difference and to grow their entrepreneurial spirit. Jeff also acts as a resource for new faculty and is continually sharing best practices to ensure a consistent learning experience for the students. Jeff has led a number of student engagement initiatives such as the creation of Café Wars in 2015, and, in 2017, Jeff took Café Wars out into the community where Humber Business Students hosted teams of high schools students from across the GTA for an expanded format of Café Wars. Jeff is also a longtime supporter of the ENACTUS chapter at Humber. It is widely known that Jeff is passionate about creating an interactive and stimulating approach to educating business students.

Congratulations Suzanne and Jeff!

Suzanne Ross with Alvina, Dean

Suzanne Ross with Dean Alvina Cassiani

Jeff Short with Alvina, Dean

Jeff Short with Dean Alvina Cassiani

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