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May 26, 2017


Natalie Socha

Michael Brameld

To end this past semester, the Business School held their inaugural Business Administration Alumni Project Give Back event for the current Business Administration class. The event consisted of a presentation and Q&A session with two successful Humber alumni.

The event was created and organized by Professor Maria Racanelli, a Professor of Finance and Strategy and the Program Coordinator of the Business Administration Program. The event was intended to give students an idea of where their future may lead and to help ensure they are employment ready. In the future, Professor Racanelli and the Business School plan to make this alumni talk an annual event at both the North and Lakeshore campuses.

The alumni presenting were Michael Brameld and Natalie Socha, two former Business Administration students. The two alumni graduated from Humber in 2001 and 2005, respectively. Natalie currently works at The Office Source as the Manager of Operations and Client Services. Michael, on the other hand, works at Herjavec Group, a leading cyber security solutions company, as a Senior Account Executive.

Michael and Natalie also currently serve as active Program Advisory Committee (PAC) members. As a polytechnic institute, Humber prides itself in partnering with industry experts, like Michael and Natalie, who help ensure program curriculums are current and share industry employment standards and requirements.

When asked to participate in the event and to mentor and give back to students, they agreed without hesitation, proving they truly are industry leaders.

Michael and Natalie shared their success stories, workplace experiences and career tips to a captivated audience of over 50 students. The students were very engaged during the Q&A session and were especially encouraged to hear that Natalie’s Humber internship led to her current full-time job. In fact, Natalie recruits Humber students for internships on an annual basis, which excited many students.

Overall, the event was a resounding success and really ended the semester on a positive, uplifting note. Students were delighted to hear from two industry experts who were once Humber students like them, juggling assignments, multiple classes and other commitments. The students greatly enjoyed the experience and were inspired by Michael and Natalie’s success.

Thank you to Michael and Natalie for sharing their insights. Also, thanks to Professor Racanelli for conceiving and spearheading this event. Finally, a big thank you to the students in attendance for their warmth, enthusiasm and engagement towards the guests.

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