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By: James Anderson

June 17, 2019 

Kate Ivchenko loves building marketing campaigns. Whether it’s launching a new product or simply building engagement, she’s fascinated by it all. She’s thrilled when the results pan out and credits the Humber Marketing program with the skills needed at WheelsUpNetwork.

First Real Jobs

While studying full-time, Kate interned with Caribbean Bride, Digital Coconut, and the St. Kitt’s Tourism Authority where she honed her skills in database marketing, prospecting, product launch and presentations, event and experiential marketing. These first real jobs in marketing provided her with the hands-on experience that is so valuable for the job search after graduation.

Lift Off

Through a contact, she heard about a position at WheelsUpNetwork – a one-stop-shop for travel agents which provides webinars, news, education, deals and job postings. Two interviews later, she was their new Content Marketing Assistant – USA Brand.

One of her first tasks was to turn an email and newsletter platform into a fully functional website for their American market which now accounts for 50% of their online business. Recently promoted to Content and Marketing Manager, Kate researches and codes newsletters (which, she says, are still the number one drivers of traffic to their website), hosts webinars, writes articles and, most importantly, communicates with clients.

The Business Marketing program’s focus on team projects, marketing research, marketing planning, CRM and digital skills like Wordpress, Photoshop and social media platforms prepared her well for success!

Be Ready

Kate advises grads is to “be ready”, to plan and prepare by researching companies and industries of interest. Focus on matching skills to job postings. In the early stages, quantity is required: “email 10, get 5 responses”, she says.

Just Be Open

Kate suggests browsing websites for personal email addresses rather than generic company emails; then, send personalized cover letters to all prospects that make a simple introduction, promote your skills but aren’t a hard “hit-up” for a job.

“Networking works!” says Kate and suggests inviting a prospect for a cup of coffee or meeting at their office. This helps to build your network while not putting pressure on busy professionals.

She also says it’s important to be pragmatic and prepare yourself for rejection. “Applying for jobs can be depressing,” she notes, “but something will happen; just be open.”

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