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October 2, 2018


Helping internal and external diploma students pathway to a degree is a critical component of The Business School's Polytechnic vision. As such, we are thrilled to announce that in the last year, 120 diploma students pathwayed to Bachelor of Commerce degrees. This accomplishment is in large part due to the hard work from the staff in the Registrar's Office who helped to recruit, admit and advise these pathway students.

The pathway program is an excellent opportunity for diploma students, as "it allows them to get the credit they deserve from their previous postsecondary studies at the diploma level and finish their degree in less time," says Judy Travares, Manager, Student Transfer Services. The Office of the Registrar has been committed to this goal all year, putting on recruitment events and information nights, such as Transfer Thursdays, the Humber Pathways Fair, and Get Transfer Help.

"As a Polytechnic, Humber has so much to offer students, especially those who may be unsure of their first step," says Judy. "Offering pathway options can really put a student’s mind at ease when choosing a program as they know that they can build on their knowledge in a subsequent credential whether it be a diploma, degree or graduate certificate."

Thank you so much to the entire team at the Office of the Registrar on this outstanding achievement.

Learn more about Humber's Pathways options.

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