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The Humber-China Partnership

The Humber-China partnership is an International Business Administration diploma program jointly administered by Humber and Ningbo University. The Humber-Ningbo program is considered one of the most successful and longest standing Canada-China post-secondary programs with over 2,000 students graduating from the program since 1996.

It is an extraordinary program that provides Humber-Ningbo students with a pathway to both academic and career success. The students receive exceptional international education and cultural experiences throughout the three-year program.

china partnerships

Watch the video to see our Ningbo-Jimei students explore Toronto during the Humber-China Partnership Urban Adventure.

ningbo moon

Watch the video to see how Humber celebrated the Moon Festival with our Ningbo-Jimei students.

ningbo anniversary

Watch the video to learn about the development of the program from past to present.



Humber-Ningbo students live and learn in two distinct parts of the world.

Years 1 & 2

The first two years of the program are completed at Ningbo University. Core business courses such as E commerce, Operations Management and Human Recourses Management are taught by Humber faculty.

Year 3

In the third and final year of the program the students come to Humber to complete their diploma and gain exposure to international business practices and Canadian culture.

Summer Orientation Program

Before beginning the third year of the program, Ningbo students participate in a summer orientation program at Humber’s Lakeshore campus. This program is designed to familiarize students with Canadian culture and Western classroom methodologies.

Pathways to Degree Completion

We Are Your First Step to a Degree

Humber has a long standing partnership with eight reputable universities across Canada and the United States. Humber's university partner's provide Ningbo students with a pathway to both Bachelor Degrees and Masters programs. Over the last eight years, more than 350 Ningbo students have gone on to pursue a degree either in Canada or the United States.

A Partnership Based on Success

After completing the diploma in the Ningbo-Humber Program there are a number of opportunities available to students. Students can apply to a variety of degrees at Humber, as well as, universities across Canada and the United States.

Degrees at Humber >

Partnership Schools

Bishop's University logo University at Buffalo logo Centenary College logo
Davenport University logo Lakehead University logo Northwood logo
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Kedong Dai“I enjoyed my time at Humber College. It offered me a great opportunity to discover myself. Humber is a place that not only taught me knowledge but also how to study well. My studies prepared me to move forward and to complete both a bachelor’s degree and MBA at Davenport University. I am proud to say that I studied at Humber.” - Kedong (Ray) Dai

Pengfei Chen“Studying at Humber was a turning point in my life. My time at Humber left a deep impression on me; Humber helped me to succeed in both my studies and in my career. After Humber, I went on to complete a bachelor’s degree and I am currently living and working in the United States. So never surrender and never compromise!" - Pengfei (George) Cheng

Wang Shupeng“I have no doubt that choosing to study at Humber was the best decision I have ever made. From the diploma to the degree that I recently completed at Humber, I have not only improved my English, but I have also gained the knowledge and skills to be independent. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to study at Humber, and I will continue to take advantage of it by working hard and creating a better future for myself.” - Wang (William) Shupeng

Yuzhang HuangMy experience at Humber was unforgettable; all my professors were always kind and willing to help. I really appreciate the time I spent at Humber and many of the skills I learned have continued to be quite useful. Thanks to the knowledge I acquired at Humber, I feel I have a wider vision than others at York University. I am currently completing an honors degree and also volunteering as a peer mentor. I am happy to report that my GPA has remained in the top two percentile! - Yuzhang (Simon) Huang

New Experiences

A very important part of this program is getting the students oriented with Toronto and Canadian culture. That is why outside of daily classes students will have the opportunity to go to places such as Niagara Falls and Canada’s Wonderland, watch hockey and basketball games and experience cultural traditions such as apple picking, Halloween and Christmas. Students will also attend workshops on study skills, food culture, health care support and applying to universities for degree completion.