Tort and Contract Law

Course Code: PLBA 1003

Academic Year: 2018-2019

This course examines the underlying principles of tort law and contract law and the elements required for causes of action. The evolution of tort law, in its partnership with criminal law, is assessed for its effectiveness in compensating victims and deterring wrongdoing. In contract law, students cover the requirements for the formation of contracts, such defences as mistake, misrepresentation, undue influence and duress, the discharge of the contract by performance and frustration, breach of contract and remedies for breach of contract. The application of contract law in the business context is canvassed together with the impact of statutory developments on the common law principles. The full array of remedies for breach of contract is examined together with strategies in selecting the most appropriate remedy and techniques in quantifying damage claims. A drafting exercise will provide the students with firsthand insight into the structure of contracts and the interpretation of express and implied terms.