Applied Business Project 1

Course Code: DIGI 4500

Academic Year: 2018-2019

The Applied Business Project is divided into two three-credit semester courses (BUS 4006 and BUS 4503). The Applied Business Project 1 course requires students to operate in complex and unpredictable contexts which demand the informed selection and application of a range of approaches and the demonstration of a capacity for creative and original insight into issues relevant to a professional setting. In this course, students are expected to demonstrate workplace-ready competencies through the successful independent recruitment of an e-business or marketing challenge or opportunity for an external client. Relevant business theory from previous coursework as well as primary and secondary research will be used by students to evaluate business opportunities, select and systematically analyze a complex business problem within the context of external and internal environments and formally present findings. Students will be expected to demonstrate high-level problem solving, decision-making, communication, management and direction of self, time management and teamwork skills. This work will be conducted under the direction of a business faculty facilitator in collaboration with an external client.