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The Business School selected "Floral Frenzy" as the winning window treatment for Spring 2011. Students and graduate students worked diligently to bring the window to life in all of its blooming glory.

Challenges faced included: how to visually mimic water coming out of watering cans with plastic balloon sticks, and finding creative solutions to make $10.00 shoes from a department store look like they just came off a runway in Milan.

Art Director
Katie Hodge

Hair Stylist
Hollie Nash

Makeup Stylist
Ceilidh Milne

Wardrobe Stylist
Pamela Waechter

Prop and Set Stylist
Ashley Ellis

Window Installation
Katie Hodge
Ceilidh Milne

Elmer Olsen:

Fashion Photographer
Fashion imagery within the display:
Jennifer Aurich

Shots of entire window set-up:
James Doiron