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The Business School selected "Alien Nation" as the winning window treatment for Fall 2011. Students and graduate students worked diligently to bring the window to life in all of its green glowing glory. Challenges faced include: how to safely suspend a 10 lb., 5 foot latex octopus from the ceiling grid in the window for an “alien” inspired theme.

Art Director
Liselle Fernandez

Hair Stylist
Desiree Di Savano

Makeup Stylist
Katie Kerr

Wardrobe Stylist

Katrina Waterton

Prop Stylist
Sonia Facia

Window Installation
Andre Glashen
Katie Hodge
Ceilidh Milne
Ben Asabir
Lisa Luis
Liselle Fernandez
Linnea Obern
Neha Bhogal

Fashion Photographer
Fashion imagery within the display:
Paul Chmielowiec