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 The Business School Offers Degree Pathway for all Ontario Paralegal Students

The Business School has received approval from the Law Society to allow graduates of paralegal education (Diploma) programs from accredited institutions in Ontario, to be granted advanced standing to enter into year three of the accredited Paralegal Education (Degree) program offered by The Business School.

Graduation from an accredited paralegal education diploma program means that the individual has satisfactorily completed all compulsory legal course requirements set by the Law Society for paralegal education. Graduation from accredited paralegal education also permits the individual to proceed further into the Law Society’s licensing process.

Consequently, graduates of accredited paralegal education diploma programs accepted into Humber’s Paralegal Education Degree program will not be required to redo any of the compulsory legal education courses that they have successfully completed at their former accredited institution.

As a result, a graduate of accredited paralegal education may be admitted into year three of The Business School’s degree program so that they may commence their studies in the non-core program courses, and complete any additional field placement hours that Humber has set for the degree program.

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