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Business Administration - Accounting

Credential: Advanced Diploma Program Code: 02111 Length: 6 semesters

To be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including these required courses:
    • Grade 12 English (ENG4C or ENG4U or equivalent)
    • Grade 12 Mathematics (MAP4C, MCT4C, MDM4U, MCB4U, MGA4U, MCV4U or MHF4U) or Grade 11 M or U Mathematics (MCF3M or MCR3U)
    • Two Grade 11 or Grade 12 C, M or U courses in addition to those listed above



All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy.


Selection: Admission selection is based on the academic criteria indicated. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission.


Date Location Availability International Student Availability
January 2017NorthOpenWaitlisted
May 2017NorthOpenOpen
September 2017NorthOpenOpen
January 2018NorthOpenOpen
May 2018NorthOpenOpen

The 2016/2017 fee for two semesters was:

  • domestic $3,837.78
  • international $14,200.

Amounts listed were the total of tuition, lab and material fees, student service and auxiliary fees for the first two semesters of the 2016/2017 academic year. Fees do not include textbooks and are subject to change.

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Humber offers a variety of scholarships each year.

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Humber Degree Pathways

Complete your degree with us. Humber's degrees are designed with our diploma graduates in mind. We'll give you credit for what you’ve already learned and help you take the next step in less time.

Graduates may be considered for admission to:

Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce 

Humber graduates with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 65 per cent or more may be considered for admission. Graduates may then complete the degree with the equivalent of three semesters of full-time study plus a paid work term. Successful applicants must also possess:

  • ENG4U or Humber’s WRIT 100 or 200 level course, or equivalent, with a minimum grade of 65 per cent.
  • Any Grade 12U-level Mathematics with a minimum grade of 60 per cent, or Humber's BMTH 120 and BSTA 200 with an average of 60 per cent. 

Admission will be based on availability in the program.

*The advanced standing outlined is a general guideline.  Diploma graduates may be required to take courses in lower semesters in order to meet the overall degree learning outcomes.

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Transferring from Another College or University

Details on transferring credits or credentials from another college or university or how to apply for credit based on prior work or life experience.

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Future Study Options

Humber has a number of transfer agreements with other postsecondary institutions (within Canada and around the world) that enables students and graduates to use their Humber credential to gain advanced standing in another program.

Guelph-Humber Partnerships

Qualified graduates may be eligible for transfer to the University of Guelph-Humber. For more details, please visit

For Ontario transfer options visit ONTransfer >

Program Contact(s)

Robert Cinapri
Program Co-ordinator
416.675.6622 ext. 4442


Domestic Students

North Campus
Humber Learning Resource Commons, 1st Floor

Lakeshore Campus
WEL 106


International Students

Phone 1-416-675-5067
Fax 1-416-675-6386


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Apply to Humber

Applications to Humber are made through Be sure to submit your application by the equal consideration deadline of February 1. You may apply after February 1, however, post-February 1 applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability of the space in the program. To check program availability refer to the Campus/Availability listing on Humber's program pages or

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International Students

If you’re an international student, you can apply directly to Humber via our International Centre.

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Fees by Semester

Semester 1 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $1,918.89 $6,912.50
Tuition $1,415.38 $6,408.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00


Semester 2 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $1,918.89 $6,912.50
Tuition $1,415.38 $6,408.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00


Semester 3 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $1,918.89 $6,912.50
Tuition $1,415.38 $6,408.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00


Semester 4 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $1,918.89 $6,912.50
Tuition $1,415.38 $6,408.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00


Semester 5 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $1,918.89 $6,912.50
Tuition $1,415.38 $6,408.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00


Semester 6 Domestic Fee International Fee*
Total $1,918.89 $6,912.50
Tuition $1,415.38 $6,408.99
Mandatory Non-Tuition $503.51 $503.51
Lab/Materials $0.00 $0.00

*Plus Mandatory Health Insurance fee once per academic year: Fall start - $375 Winter start - $250 Summer start - $125

Our Program

Humber’s Business Administration – Accounting advanced diploma program covers a number of areas including accounting theory, procedures and best practices. Detailed instruction is provided in bookkeeping, auditing, taxation, law, information systems and management. You’ll gain hands-on experience in industry-standard software such as CaseWare, Idea, Profile (personal and corporate tax), Access, Excel, Simply Accounting and Accpac Plus in our Accounting Centre. Learn the inner workings of the accounting field from expert faculty who will teach you key concepts in accounting and taxation related to buying, selling, financing and investing transactions.

Practical in-class activities and assignments are complemented by an innovative co-op option available in the second year to students demonstrating strong academic performance.

Courses Program Standards

Work Placement

Co-op Option

There are a limited number of spaces for students to mix co-op work experience with their academic learning in alternating semesters. If accepted, the optional co-op program includes an opportunity for students to gain valuable experience through three paid work terms. Co-op work opportunities are not guaranteed, as students are in a competitive job placement market. Students are also encouraged to improve their interpersonal and other soft skills through joining organizations such as the school’s Toastmasters Club. Full-time employers are looking for practical work experience, command of Excel and tax software, and employees who are team players and self-starters.

Students not selected for co-op placements will complete an 84-hour placement where they can put their accounting knowledge and skills into practice. Students find a placement with support from the business placement advisor who maintains a roster of placement opportunities and provides students with direction and assistance in the development of resumés and job search techniques.

Eligible students will incur an additional co-op fee.

The Humber Advantage

There is no better place to focus on an education in accounting than at The Business School at Humber. Our experienced faculty combined with an industry-focused curriculum and renowned industry partners put our program among the very best. Benefit from program specific resources like "The Accounting Centre" and challenging case studies.

accounting centre

Accounting Centre

The Accounting Centre is a resource available to all students enrolled in accounting courses. Students provide assistance with textbook concepts, homework questions and an overall understanding of course material from 1st to 6th semester.

Supported software packages:

  • Simply Accounting Profile - T1 & T2 Plus ACCPAC

Your Career

Toronto is the second largest financial service centre in North America. Your diploma can help you enter this exciting market. Your practical and intensive training will make you an in demand candidate for a career in accounts payable, accounts receivable, cost accounting, general ledger accounting, general accounting, credit and collections, inventory control, payroll accounting, internal/external auditing, financial planning and analysis, financial accounting, management accounting, tax auditing, tax preparation, and compliance managing.

Through our program, you will gain deep knowledge about current business administration and accounting practices including International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and you will be up-to-date on relevant accounting software. You’ll be prepared to make a difference in the financial well-being of organizations in both the private and public sector.

Professional Accreditation, Endorsement and Recognition

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario:

(i) Chartered Professional Accountant Designation (CPA)

Both the two-year and three-year diploma programs offer pathways for students interested in pursuing an Ontario Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. When used as transfer credits towards a qualifying university degree, the two-year and three-year diplomas support the completion of the PREP level of the CPA academic requirements.

(ii) Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF)

Both the two-year and three-year diploma programs offer pathways for students interested in pursuing the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF). When used as transfer credits, both diplomas support the prerequisite program requirements. Additionally, the three year diploma supports some of the ACAF technical program requirements.

Details regarding the acceptance of Humber College credits towards ACAF can be found at: Humber College.pdf.

Note: Given the current state of unification of the accounting profession under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, and the newly formed Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF), we urge you to stay informed by visiting the CPA website

Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF):

Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping
Students are able to complete most of the academic requirements of the Certified Bookkeeper Designation (CB) within the two-year and three-year diploma programs.

Additional requirements may apply.

Note: The requirements for the additional credential(s) are determined by the granting body, which is independent from the College. Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements directly from the granting body before enrolling. 

An Invaluable Experience

Watch the video to hear students' experiences working with case studies and how it helped improve many of their skills.

Scholarships & Awards

Students may be eligible for a number of scholarships and awards.

Every attempt is made to ensure that information contained in this website is current and accurate. Humber reserves the right to correct any error or omission, modify or cancel any course, program, fee, timetable or campus location at any time without prior notice or liability to users or any other Person.