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  • Innovation and Impact Fair 2014Better Futures for Children and Youth

    Friday November 28, 2014, 9am – 3:30pm  |  Assembly Hall, Humber College (Lakeshore Campus)

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People Who Care About Better Futures for Children and Youth

November 20th is Universal Children's Day, a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, today one of the world's most signed and ratified conventions. Canada invest much important on children and youth programming, which remains one of the Government's three key development priorities. 

The Knowledge Network on Children and Youth hosts the Innovation and Impact Fair, annually, to showcase projects focused on the well-being of children and youth to development practitioners, the academic community, researchers, leaders, opinion-shapers, media, interested businesses and the Canadian Government. 

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Call for Submissions

This call is for an expression of interest in sharing innovative or impactful projects (international and/or domestic) your organization has implemented that meet one or more of the criteria below. The project may be (a) a component of one program; (b) an approach or method used; or (c) a social or electronic technology used in parts or the entire project.

Key criteria:

  1. Shows clear links to children, youth and their families and communities.

  2. Children, youth and their families participate in the project in important and meaningful ways, i.e. in the design of the project, indicator or target setting, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, activity management, etc.

  3. Project methodology, approach or idea has been tested and is proving to be successful, as measured by the impact on children and youth.

  4. There are opportunities for greater and sustained engagement and collaboration with government, private sector, and/or other NGOs, including the potential for policy change. 

The Innovation & Impact Fair offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase innovative, evidence-based practice and potential contributions to greater learning and knowledge development. We encourage your submission of one or more projects.

Please submit your expression of interest to participate in the Innovation & Impact Fair to Christine Streeter ( by September 26, 2014, as follows:

1. Name of organization:
2. Name of project plus short summary (300 words max. keeping in mind the above criteria): 3. Name of contact person(s) and co-ordinates:
Organizations whose projects are chosen will be notified in early October. 

How It Works

This call for an expression of interest is aimed at agencies across all sectors (non-government, foundation, government, private) who wish to see their youth and child-focused projects shared and showcased.

Participant organisations will submit profiles of their most innovative/impactful children and youth programming for consideration by the Knowledge Network. This group will select projects that meet the criteria. Once a project is chosen, the agency will be offered the opportunity to be supported by Humber Post Graduate students who can assist in the creation of an engaging way to best showcase the material.

Agencies that choose to work with students will have the opportunity to meet with their assigned student group at least twice, either in person or virtually, to share agency documents, video and/or other materials to assist in the presentation of the project and to develop material and ensure clarity in messaging. (These meetings will ideally take place in October and early November). Each agency should plan to have at least one agency representative attend the event on November 28th.

New this year in the spirit of “Dragon’s Den”, is an Innovation Lounge where Humber Post Graduate students will pitch innovative project concepts that they have researched and will present to fair participants. Development practitioners will have an opportunity to select the most innovative concept as the winner of the innovation award. The Fair will also feature panel discussions focusing on issues affecting children and youth.

About KNCY Network

The Knowledge Network on Children and Youth (KNCY) consists of two academic institutions and two non- governmental organizations: Humber College, the University of Guelph, Save the Children Canada and World Vision Canada. The Network formed in 2011 and has since facilitated panel presentations and knowledge sharing on issues of child rights, governance and child focused programming.

Last year’s fair drew more than 20 different organizations, including representatives from DFATD, senior managers from leading development agencies and academic leaders.